Alec is the fun, and friendly DJ you can count on for awesome music at your event. Alec also known as DJ Aerodynamix specializes in Weddings, Corporate Events, School Dances, and Private Events. Alec was raised in Kelowna and developed a love of music at an early age. Alec was 17 when he started DJ’ing at parties. Since 2010, Alec has wowed us with his flawless mixing skills, customer service, music versatility, and most importantly, his personality!


Creating Lasting Memories:

In 2012 on New Years Eve, Alec aka Aerodynamix sold out the 12,000sq. ft. club known as The Rockhouse; previously called The Mix. During that night, all of the surrounding clubs in Vernon hired popular professional DJ’s to come and perform at their establishments. Due to the high amount of people wanting to attend resident DJ Aerodynamix’s party at the Rockhouse, the other clubs started shutting down at around 1AM, due to low attendance. Aerodynamix captured the audience in Vernon and had The Rockhouse overflowing with people until the club was forced to close at 4am. Alec has consistently blown people away with his talent of incorporating music and has expanded to performing in a variety of events.

Knowledge and Diversity:

Alec has expanded from night clubs to diversify his knowledge and expertise to bring out one’s personality, feelings, and passions through music. Alec’s love of music shines through in the work that he does when preparing and performing in his events. No matter what kind of group or diverse range of people, Alec’s skills for reading the audience to determine the right genre to play will keep the party going all night long! Alec will always try to find ways to make people dance by playing a vast array of music or by including dancing games.

Great Connection to the Music:

Alec, at the age of twelve years old was diagnosed with a very rare neuromuscular disease that inhibits his ability to dance, run, and walk effectively. Although, in no way, shape or form does this stop him from achieving his goals! Alec obtains an immense amount of enjoyment from people dancing to his sets, just as he once did when he would listen and dance to other DJ’s. When you see Alec DJ’ing, you feel like you have a connection to him through the music that he provides.

Throughout the night, Alec is constantly watching people’s reactions to his chosen genres. This ability helps keep the crowd involved, but the best way to know what the party wants is by request! Alec is more than happy to play your song and artist requests at any time of the night!

Alec never knows how each event is going to play out due to the fact that he never has a predetermined dance set. With thousands of songs in his library, he can play off of your guest’s energy and set the perfect vibe for the party. If family and friends have driven or flown great distances to help you celebrate your event, we owe them a great party experience! DJ’ing is Alec’s passion and job to willingly understand your vision, deliver a great party, and most importantly… create memories and experiences you’ll share forever!

Extraordinary Service:

Alec is more than just music! Alec sincerely cares about the success of your event, and will go to any extreme to guarantee an incredible night. Alec will help plan events, deliver music, and create memories you’ll never forget. Alec provides a premium service and product, all at a great rate!


In his spare time, Alec enjoys playing wheelchair basketball. He has played and competed for Team BC in the 2015 Canada Games. Alec is currently finishing his degree in Business to become a Chartered Financial Analyst. He currently works for TD Canada Trust, where he is one of the top 32 out of 1600 bank tellers in BC. Alec challenges himself in everything he does and has results proving so. Once Alec is finished his degree, he plans to start producing music and develop a more in-depth knowledge of music while working alongside Trevor Guthrie in Vancouver, BC.


Alec has quickly captured a large audience and remains one of the top DJ’s in the Okanagan. He has played in clubs such as Sapphire, as well as performing in corporate events for TD Canada Trust, Home Hardware, and the Kelowna Yacht Club.

Send me an email and let’s set up a time to talk! If you are visiting or live in the Okanagan, let’s grab a coffee and share some ideas for your big night! I look forward to helping you achieve your future endeavours!


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