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Your event will be a unique reflection of who you are. DJ Aerodynamix will work one-on-one with you to plan the best reception ever! Here is a list of frequently asked questions. Feel free to contract me through my cell-phone, email, and through my book now page!

Why should we choose you to be our DJ?

Making your vision a reality is exactly what DJ Aerodynamix specializes in. From the first meeting to the day of the event, DJ Aerodynamix will help you every step of the way. He has many creative ideas to share with you to help make your event fun, energizing, and memorable.

This is supported by great sound & lighting equipment to provide you with an exceptional night of music and memories.

DJ Aerodynamix has the experience, intuition, and passion to energize your party. He understands that you’re bringing together the people closest to you and his goal is to make sure that they go home talking about what an amazing experience they’ve had for years to come.

DJ Aerodynamix is the chosen DJ for venues like the Kelowna Yacht Club, TD Canada Trust, The Cattlemen’s Club at O’Keefe Ranch, the Duralli Villa, and many more…

DJ Aerodynamix’s competitive pricing combined with his referral program lets you focus on your special day without having to worry about how much the DJ is going to affect your wallet and allows you to experience a night filled with great music and lasting memories.

If you would like to learn more about DJ Aerodynamix aka Alec Kendall, you can read more about him on the About Aerodynamix Page.

Who are you biggest supporters/references?

DJ Aerodynamix can provide you with individual references upon request. DJ Aerodynamix is proud of his reputation and wants you to hear it first hand from any of his satisfied clients!

I am proud to be the DJ recommended by some of the top venues in the Okanagan, including The Duralli Villa, Cattlemen’s Club at O’Keefe Ranch, and the Kelowna Yacht Club.

When they have important clients and their reputation on the line, they need a DJ they can trust and depend on to provide a great party. An amazing successful party reflects well on everyone!

I have many testimonials from recent weddings and parties along with email addresses. I have secured their permission for anyone to contact them directly with questions and for an account of my personality, professionalism, and DJ service. I’m proud of the memories and experiences I have helped create and would love to do the same for you!

Will you be available to answer DJ questions prior to our event?

Of Course! Good communication is the best way to make sure that things go the way you want. If your vendors don’t hear from you, they will proceed as they best know how, and may not have things tailored to the exact way you may want it.

You may also need to check with your venue(s) to make sure that the conditions are adequate for what your DJ needs to provide his services.

We will meet with you in advance in person to discuss the details of your wedding entertainment.  In addition, you will have my cell phone number and can call me at any time with any additional questions prior to your date.

Will you travel outside of the Okanagan/Kelowna?

Please check with DJ Aerodynamix to see if he is available to travel on your date. There may be additional charge for travel depending on where the wedding will be held as stated in the book now page.

I am located in Kelowna and serve the Okanagan Area. I am willing to travel, and over the years have performed at events in Vancouver. My limited availability is the usually the biggest factor in deciding my ability to travel for a great party!

How early will you arrive to set up?
  • DJ Aerodynamix sets up long before the expected arrival of your first guest. He typically arrives 3 hours in advance to set up the DJ gear and prepare for the event start time. If an event is more detailed and requires more set up/ preparation time, we are happy to arrive early to ensure a successful event.
What will you wear to our event?

DJ Aerodynamix will typically wear formal attire with a dress shirt, a vest, dress pants and a tie. 

I believe it is important for me to look professional during the event. During our consultations, you may request any special requirements that you may have.

How Interactive are you?

I pride myself on my ability to read a crowd, remain the background figure that keeps the party rocking and keeps everyone on the dance floor all night long.

I can engage and motivate your crowd, and make sure that everyone is having a great time. It all depends on the event and your desires.

Always professional, I’m an entertainer with the personality and enthusiasm to energize your crowd and provide a great service

Can you help with any elements besides dancing after dinner?

If you need music for your ceremony, some games to get people up for dinner, or fun newly wed games, I’m happy to help.

I have attended and worked many weddings over the years and as a result, I can be a useful resource during your event planning. I know what a successful wedding looks like and I am happy to share creative ideas! I want to help you achieve THE wedding that everyone talks about forever!

What kind of equipment do you have?

DJ Aerodynamix takes his equipment very seriously and therefore uses the latest in club style lighting and sound equipment. You can check it out underneath the about page labelled “Sound & Equipment”. The music library is digital and consists of a wide selection of the top hits.

What type of music do you play?

As a DJ, my number 1 job is to read the crowd and deliver a great party. I will always be evaluated by how packed the dancefloor is! So whether I’m playing music from the 50s or music on the charts right now, I see music as a tool and a packed dance floor is all I want!

During the planning stages of our event, I will learn more about you and your music tastes as well as who will be there, their ages, and the possible music interests.

DJ Aerodynamix currently has over 10,000 titles from many various genres to meet all of your music needs. Additionally, if you would like specific songs that are not quite mainstream, he will make every attempt to find the proper song, or in the case of specific ethnic, traditional, or personally special music, he may ask you to provide us with a copy so that we have the proper versions.

His music consists of Club, Dance, House, Pop, Classical, Rock, Country, Oldies, Dubstep, Rap, Disco, and Hip-Hop. DJ Aerodynamix has everything from the 1940’s to today’s top 40, so there is something for all age groups.

I have everything we need for a great party! And with today’s technology (Itunes), there is nothing I cannot get – no request to obscure!

Can I give you a “Do Not Play” List?

We are willing to accept and honour any songs that you do not want to hear at your wedding. If we were to receive multiple requests for a specific song on your “Do Not Play” list at the event, we will notify you of the situation and ask permission for it to be played. If you say no, the song will not be played. It’s important that you feel confident with my service and my promise to fulfill your event requirements.

Will our DJ take guest requests?

Absolutely!  We’ll work with you prior to your event to determine the specific styles and individual requests that you’d like played. We’ll also encourage your guests to make requests to make sure we play the songs that you and your guests want to dance to. This is good because it not only gives us great songs to play but also an idea of your musical tastes.

If we do not have your song, we will get it for you. We have many ways to get music from reliable sources that give us the highest quality download. As long as the request is reasonable for the type of event, we will make sure we get it right away.

We’ve had clients that have chosen every song for the entire event and others that have left the music selection completely up to us. Our recommendation is to provide us with a list of “must play” songs and list of “play if possible” songs. This will leave plenty of room for requests from your guests and DJ selections.

Most importantly, have fun and select music you want to hear and dance to. After all, it’s your event!

Can you go overtime?

If you are having fun and want your Wedding DJ to play longer we would love to continue our performance.  You can purchase additional time on rates based on 30 minute intervals – not by the hour. This way if you choose to go overtime, you aren’t locked into more time than you end up needing. Overtime must be payed via cash or check prior to the DJ continuing their performance. Please make cheques payable to Alec Kendall.

Is it customary to tip the DJ?

If you feel your DJ does a great job, gratuities are always greatly appreciated.

How can we see footage of DJ Aerodynamix performing?

You can listen to mixes created by DJ Aerodynamix on The Music Page, look at photos on the Gallery Page, or check out any of my social media links on the top and bottom right corner of every page.

Do you have a Referral/Customer Loyalty program?
  • Yes! My referral program is set so that you get a professional, experienced DJ that will not break the bank and provide you with ease of mind with my competitive pricing.
  • If you are New customer being sent to me by one of my loyal customers, I will add a 30% discount to your price!
  • If you are the Loyal Customer who has sent me a referral, I will give you $50 Cash or $50 off your next event once the new customer has paid their deposit!
  • If you are a New customer who is wanting to save on cost. You can send me a referral for an event and once they have paid their deposit, I will take $50 off your invoice!
  • With this referral program, both parties get to experience a great night of music and experiences at a great cost! The Loyal customer who referred the event gets $50 and the New customer gets 30% off their event!
How much do you charge?

My packages depend upon many factors – including what I can help with, the date of your event, the number of people, potential travel costs, and size of venue.

My rate is based upon my personal service, talent, and experience. I will be helping on your wedding day but also in the weeks and months leading up to the day. Peace of mind has great value.

When talking about DJs and rates, there is a huge range of experience, equipment, and abilities. Some do this fulltime and others do it as a hobby, so the lowest quote doesn’t ensure quality professional entertainment and may not send your guests home in awe of how amazing your wedding was!

My rates are competitive with the average DJ in the Okanagan. Combined with my referral program of 30% off your event, the quality of DJ and professionalism can’t be beat.

Your investment in me comes with a lot of help, planning, experience, and peace of mind that your party is in great hands and you and your guests WILL be raving about your wedding for years to come!

How do we pay for your services?

The price will be determined through DJ Aerodynamix’s Book Now page. As soon as the invoice is confirmed, you can pay by Cash, Cheque/Draft; made out to “Alec Kendall”, Square Reader, and Paypal.

Once an Invoice is submitted through the Book Now Page, DJ Aerodynamix will set up a face-to-face meeting or an over the phone meeting where we will discuss any questions that you. At the end of the the meeting, 25% of the deposit will be required to reserve your date. The remaining balance will be due two weeks prior to the date your event.

How far in advance do we need to book your DJ services?

DJs are typically booked as much as a year ahead of time. DJ Aerodynamix’s busiest season is from June – September and December. It is highly recommended that you book your event as soon as you have a set date. Some last minute bookings may be available as much as a few weeks ahead of time.  We have limited availability and book up fast.

Will you hold a date for us if we aren’t sure?

Choosing the right DJ can make or break your event, so be sure about your choice. I encourage you to meet with me before making your selection of entertainment. If you still need time to decide, we will make every attempt to hold your date until you make your decision, but if inquiries come in for your date, we will alert you first that there is other interest in your date. but be aware that popular dates do fill up quickly.

How can I find out if you are available for my event?

You can contact me by phone, email, or try out the fully customizable book now page and add any questions you may have at the bottom.

What is your cancellation policy?

Once the deposit is made, it can not be refunded. If the event is cancelled one week prior to the event, I will reimburse the remaining balance.

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